Along the Gironde estuary, 5 farms have been selected to watch over our sturgeon population. During the harvest season, a first selection of their eggs is made on the farm according to taste, texture, homogeneity and color. A second pick is made in our laboratories less than 24 hours after, when only 2% of the grains are retained to become Boutary Premier Cru, one of the most stringently selected caviars.


After a careful hand-sifting procedure, our sturgeon eggs are salted by hand by a Master Blender whose expert savoir-faire is the secret to our perfect recipe. Boutary uses a precious combination of rare artisan sea salts from Japan, with an ultra-marine taste stemming from a millenary recipe. Boutary's salt selection has been specially prepared by Mark Bitterman*.

*World expert on salt, Mark Bitterman is the author of reference books on the subject. Along with his conferences and articles, they have contributed to the renaissance of artisan salts on the culinary scene.


Boutary takes great pride in carefully maturing its caviar to achieve the perfect balance of textures and intensity. Our maturation process is probably the most exclusive in the world – as we have pioneered, only for the most precious of our batches, a gold-maturation technique that relies on an extra layer of pure 24K gold to preserve our caviar from any oxidization and guarantee our exceptional product.